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Bluegill Swimbait Fishing with the Sleeper Gill

SLEEPER GILL targets areas where other swimbaits fear to swim. Featuring a patent-pending adaptation of the dorsal fin weed guard pioneered by the Dark Sleeper, the SLEEPER GILL navigates through intricate cover areas with uncompromising action and impressive agility. Semi-hollow body construction allows for devastatingly effective hooksets to bring your newfound trophy home.

Hop in the boat with Megabass Elite Series pro, Matty Wong, to see how the SLEEPER GILL earned its place in his swimbait arsenal and brought him deeper into the bluegill’s world.

Products Used:
Sleeper Gill:
Destroyer P5 Tequila Baccarac:


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  1. Let me know if you guys need any testers
    Ps the way he described the gill bite was exactly what I felt when fly fishing I was reeling in a gill and that exact thing happened and it was a 4.6 bass

  2. Great format on that video. Very different from most videos. I really enjoyed watching it. I have bought four of the sleeper gills, but I have not had a chance to use them, after watching that video I can't wait. I'm a big MEGABass fan and they make some of the best tackle out there, very meticulously and highly detailed, I am very impressed. I have really learned a lot watching the mega bass videos and can't wait to use some of the products that I have purchased. I will put them to good use this coming spring. Thanks for the great product 👍🎣

  3. Literally lost 3 already havebt fished them more the a couple weeks,they are definitely definitely not snag free.they get caught really easy on branches

  4. I receive my sleeper Gill last week and headed to the lake to test they out. After an hour one of the eyes fell off. I noticed that the hook wouldn’t stay in the dorsal fin pocket and would cause the to run off center. I was hoping the Gill Sleeper was going to be as good as the Dark Sleeper but it’s not. I’m glad that I only purchased 2 of them.

  5. Matty what size line do u use on the sleeper gill? 20 pound sniper? I just got some and was gonna throw 20 sniper. Didn’t knw if u like it better on 17. Also what rod are u using on it? I’m sure a heavy powered rod.

  6. Awesome video! Hits home on precisely what the sleeper gill does. which is slaying fish. I just wish this bait is more durable for the price point. I have been mainly fishing the sleeper gill in light cover/sparse grass and targeting weed lines. No knock on the bait's effectiveness in catching fish. however, within 3 hours of fishing, I went through 4 sleeper gills all of which had the jig head completely pulled out of the soft body swimbait. I found this to mainly happen whenever I am bringing the bait through cover and I had to pop it a bit to get the grass off. I ended up having to apply mend-it glue on all of them to continue preserving the bait. At $10 a pop, I was hoping they would last longer than what I have experienced. With only a couple sleeper gills left, I am hesitant to use them in any type of cover given their low durability. I hope in the next iteration, Megabass improves the durability of this bait. If they address the durability and the issues others have experienced, it will definitely earn a spot in my tackle box!

  7. Picking up a couple tomorrow to feature in a video project i been working on gonna see if they will work in my local water. Great video and awesome products. Im hooked after testing out the Spark Shad line 3" 4" and 5" all produced very well.

  8. Or with your first long cast you get a bird nest, you hear your line snap and there goes your new sleeper gill, and of course you only bought one….

  9. Well done, loved the script or dialogue. The sleeper gill does have some issues, but nothing that inhibited it from catching fish even after the fin was torn and the eyes knocked out, it kept on catching them. I believe it's strongest asset is it's profile more than it's color or paint job. I used the pumpkinseed color and it kept right on catching them even after the paint scheme was demolished. I agree with your comment about slow steady retrieve being best, but like it's predecessor THE DARK SLEEPER, you can't fish it wrong. Thanks Megabass and Matty .

  10. That video was like poetry for the 1st minute or 2. Very well put together and that shot with him underwater holding the bait in his palm…👌👍

  11. I bought several of these a few weeks ago from a tier 1 megabass retailer the HYPE HAS KILLED ME. initial thought this is gonna slay! My experience using them is the hidden hook becomes not so hidden on every cast. The dorsal fin is closed in front and hollow body causes this I believe it swims sideways! U definitely get followed constantly but no commitment. I went back to bread and butter the DARK SLEEPER. I think with a few tweeks back in megabass lab will do it for sleeper gill.

  12. Least weedless weedless bait I’ve ever bought. Would it have killed you to make the fin an actual weedguard rather than a cosmetic piece?

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