Sometimes you just have to put the finesse worms aside and throw a BIG WORM. Big bass love this wickedly big profile bait. You may catch a few less but the ones you do catch will be larger!

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COLOR – Redbug or Doubleheader/Red
HOOK: TROKAR 1/0 Pro V Neko Finesse Hook or 70 Mag Worm Hook
ROD: DAIWA Tatula 7’3 Dropshot Rod for Neko Rig or
DAIWA Tatula 7.4 Frog Rod for Texas Rig
LINE: SEAGUAR 20LB Smackdown Flash Green Braid to a 12LB ABRAZX Leader for Neko Rig or SEAGUAR 20LB ABRAZX For Texas Rig
**Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show episodes highlighted in this technique:
2016 – Solo – Beaverfork Lake
2020 – Solo – Minnesota

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  1. I will say, for many years I'd use a 2/0 with BPS stik-o 3 and 4inch versions on a 7ft spinning medium power fast action rod with a 2000 size reel and 8lb mono and using in ponds and loved it and then same setup with 4inch stick worms and then now realized that doing it on casting gear feels so much better because of the improved braided lines. Now we can do 20-30lb braid on medium heavy casting rods and 7.5:1 on 7ft medium heavy casting and use like 12-15 even 17 pound mono or fluoro leader and hammer the hell out of cover of any kind and fish it weightless on top of Lilly pads like a snake or texas rig it and looks like an eel and to either see or feel the strike, is insane. I grew up only really fishing soft plastic worms and bitsy jigs in like the 1/4oz and 1/8oz in green pumpkin and watermelon red flake with the small craw style soft plastics on those and using spinning gear in medium power fast action into outflow drains into ponds and caught tons of bass on it with then being 10lb braid and 10lb mono line or 12lb and with those jigs it was fun. seeing this video and your excitement just threw the memories right back. keep it up.

  2. is it a common alternative to rig generally as Neko with the nail weight and positioning of your O-ring, yet hook the bait perpendicular (wacky style) as opposed to conventional neko rigging where the worm is hooked parallel? Mark never directly addressed that modification (that I picked up on) in this video, yet it is clear to see he had the worm hooked wacky, which would fall slower as a wacky rigged worm would, yet behave more like a neko rig once on bottom due to weight insertion in the head of the worm.

  3. On my wife’s phone l throw the bull worm the 10 inch jackle worm and the 12 inch jelly worm by Mann’s yes Mann’s 12 inch jelly worm check out Paul elaias record on jelly worms!!!!!!!

  4. What up Z? You make me laugh so much! Your facial expressions and personality are top knotch for TV! Wish I can fish with you some day…I crack up laughin and learning from you in all your vids…and I've been bass fishin for 30 years. Great stuff my man.👊

  5. Captain Z keep up the great content! I’ve got to try this on the Columbia River for Smallmouth Bass. Love your excitement and joy when you catch a Biggen!

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