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Big Swimbait Insanity — 25lbs for 5 (Giant Minnesota Bass)

Welcome back! In todays video I put a beatdown on the fish from my 10′ Pelican. All fish were caught on the Working Class Zero Battles Shad and the DRT Tiny Klash. Nothing beats those fire spring days of fishing! Thanks for watching



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  1. Wind blows the bait. Fish the banks that’s receiving the wind head on is a very good tactic for catching absolute sharks!

    Good video except for the curse words lo

  2. So little dude… Do you want to grow your channel? Do you want parents to let their young bass Kids watch your stuff?
    How about making videos without all the F bombs and GD cursing?
    You actually make cool videos if you would just keep your mouth shut… Or clean it up.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to make these, some of the places I fish in NY and Maine are super similar. Might have to pick up a TK, I got a Deps Sweetkiller but it doesn’t get down as much as I’d like. Thanks again Phoenix!

  4. I always love your videos. They just keep getting better! I appreciate how you really explain what you're using. Great day on the water! Awesome job!

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