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BIG Swimbait gets CRUSHED While Lake Fishing (HUGE Bass)

In this bass fishing video we go lake fishing with big swimbaits to catch huge bass! Big swimbaits can be tricky to catch huge bass on but if you throw it enough you’re bound to catch a huge bass while swimbait fishing. We found a quick pattern today while lake fishing to catch some huge bass. What is your biggest swimbait fish / lake fishing bass? Let me know if you guys like these bass fishing videos / big swimbait fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the lake fishing videos / swimbait fishing videos! Now lets go catch some huge bass while lake fishing with big swimbaits!

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Bass Fishing Gear used in this video :

13 Fishing Concept Z (reel) –
13 Fishing Fate Chrome (rod) –
13 Fishing Fate Black (rod) –
Seaguar Florocarbon –

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  1. The physics it took for the hitch to hook up to the boat lol
    Might not wanna try to tow nothing bigger or it break and can’t do nothing
    Sorry but the new chevys can’t tow as well as older ones

  2. Thought there was gonna be a big fish on a big swimbait. Anyways, must suck to fish a spot lake that isn't in California, all I saw on this vid was rats. Came here because of Google, title didn't fit the video, waste of time, know not to sub.

  3. Love the videos bro been watching about a week.i see u use a lot of buzz , jigs, swim ,jerk baits chatters and worms . How about a rooster tail and way keep slayn bro

  4. Another fire video bro you guys and gals was on them today bro and glad to see yo back on the water I still have you and your family in my prays bro and have you did the give aways yet bro I was just adking dont want to miss it thanks and appreciate all you do I learn something from everyone of your videos they are some fire

  5. Hi I am having a hard time catching fish can you give me some tips I watched most of your how to catch more fish but I can’t seem to catch anything also can you tell me what you think the best lure to catch fish on is

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