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BIG STRIPED BASS FISHING – Working Through a Tough Day for Big Striper

BIG STRIPED BASS FISHING – Working Through a Tough Day for Big Striper. This was not my day. No day ever my day. However, I do know I have the chance to make it my day. Every day. Not my day. I missed a beautiful striped bass on a topwater lure. Not my day. Walked up a bit. Dropped another striper by my feet. Not my day. Long stretch of nothing. Not my day. Saw some fish landed. I could not buy a bite for a nugget of gold. Not my day. Take a break and start casting before the dark. BIG STRIPER ON. BIG STRIPER ON THE SAND. This is my day. Landed another beautiful keeper striped bass and the sun was now setting. What a great day.


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  1. Way to go, Jerry!! You are an incredibly skilled angler and your tenacity is very inspiring. I believe you can catch big fish out of a rain puddle.

  2. Not the reel in the sand with the waves coming in on it 😭 beautiful striper though man! Congrats. Can’t wait til they’re up here heavy in Buzzards Bay 🎣

  3. I’m shaky and a diabetic neuropathy afflicted 62yo so how are you doing there ,haven been fishing for a few years ,but always getting ready to go ,the regulations have changed.I really miss Montauk but maybe I can get it going a little closer to home,somewhere I don’t have to walk to far,good luck brother,take care of yourself.

  4. Hi Jerry, That was a nice Striper. That one fish would make my day. It should make anyone's day. The second Striper was a real bonus. The sand eel seems to be working very well. It's been a great Striper season so far. Good luck and take care, Mickey

  5. I DO believe in myself Jerry…and I also believe I saw you catch some nice bass too! Therefore: I believe in you man…we ALL do! Nice catch and video as always.


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