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BIG Jig ONLY Day of Fishing!!! (LOADED w/ GIANT Bass)

In this bass fishing video we go fishing with big jigs for giant bass! This is a big jig only day of fishing! It’s bass a while since i’ve been jig fishing so we were super pumped to film this video. Do you like jig fishing? Have you ever gone big jig fishing? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / jig fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the giant bass fishing videos / pond fishing videos. Now lets go fishing with only big jigs for giant bass!

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  1. My pb large mouth, was caught on a 7 foot 8 spinning rod, with 15 mono. With a 1/2 white shad swim jig and a white small paddle tail grub on the back. I was four and I even dock flipped the fish, I fought the fish in all by myself, I will never forget that day. I'm a jig fisherman thru and thru. Still to this day.

  2. I would love to fish with some guys like y’all that know the places to find fish like this, I live in Wisconsin and fish just public areas and am lucky if I get a 1.5 pounder and maybe 1-3 fish in 4 hours

  3. Hey Noah I watch all your videos i think you and lojo and nome should do a challenge you and lojo and nome should only use zebco combos at Walmart live bait bluegill fishing

  4. Dude are in my top 5 favorite fishing YouTubers you videos are always exciting to watch and are always filled with cool things to watch, you inspire me to get better at fishing and focus more on fishing

  5. I watch every video at least one time and you inspire me so much and I wish that you could give your rod reel combo away like you do with your lures and I feel like I can meet you some day. I am also saving up for a rod reel combo

  6. Love your videos keep it up but question just getting into bait casting seriously what line would you recommend for all around fishing

  7. After a video like that, I hope you guys can at least give us the answer to where you're fishing at. I expected to get some tips. Trying to fish in this hot Florida weather, I'd be lucky if I can get one fish a day at three different spots! Any info like that guys? Nothing? I don't want to have to unsubscribe. I've been looking for more information about bass fishing, especially down in Florida during the summer months, but I really didn't get any info out of this particular video. I liked it for you anyway. Hopefully I'll see something that keeps my interest a little better the next time. God bless!

  8. How do I get in touch with getting one of your rods replaced??? This is the second one I've been sent that is malfunctioning out of the box!

  9. Hey, my son (10yo) son and I love your channel. He's "hooked" on your stuff lol. Thanks for being part of a dad/son thing. We were wondering if you can do a few vids on fish strike – the different types of fish strikes, you describe them but my son wants a better understanding of these.
    Tater and my Monkey (our nick names)

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