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Big bass from the bank with a spinnerbait

I explain the bank spinnerbait pattern that I love! Casting the shoreline just a few feet out is the key. Cloudy weather with wind is a winning combo.


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  1. I like the camera angle at 3:21! Good shot of the cast and the location where the lure landed. Helps a lot on how to fish the lure. Keep the content coming Roland! 👍

  2. Bass : here comes another sucker… let's bump it and give him false hope
    Roland: ok guys we are gonna fish the bank with spinner bait today…
    Bass: o wait, that's Roland Martin! tell mama I love her, I'm off to Hollywood!!!

  3. what if you cant fish down the bank Roland. my pond has 3 littl bitty holes in the tullies . and the rest of the pond has 8 to 12, even 15 feet of tullies off the bank for the whole pond. so you cant cast "down the bank". usually i will throw a texas rig over the tullies. but essentially, there is no bank. what are you thoughts on that? without a boat?

    thank you.

  4. Back in the 70’s I watched you guys fishing shows on Sunday morning. And fished from the bank till dark. It was a great time to be alive. Those fishing show taught me a lot about bass fishing.

  5. I find that adding a Mr Twister grub or other plastic worm with a twister type tail makes a lot of difference when spinnerbait fishing.

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