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Big Bass CAN’T RESIST The Wacky Worm | Fishing Eloika Lake Washington

Come along for a great day of bass fishing on Eloika Lake in Eastern Washington! Myself and my friend had a great time catching some quality fish using senko’s/wacky rigs.

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  1. Soood fish bud! You know itโ€™s a good day when youโ€™re not trying and catch them! Man imagine we handle trout same we handle bass. Trout die when you look at then the wrong way lol

  2. Nice video and nice boat. Next time you go fishing, please catch a big fish for a Big Foot. They will love you for that. If you do that, go by the tree line and yell out that it's for a Sasquatches family. They will come out at nite and eat it.

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