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BIG BASS Can’t Dodge a Z-Man Finesse BulletZ Jig Head

In this early September 2018 adventure, five different Z-Man Finesse lures are paired with the New for 2018 Z-Man Finesse BulletZ jig heads and fished with excellent results. The new BulletZ jig heads, with their custom size 1 VMC EWG hook, made perfect, weedless and snagless Ned rigs for these five lures: 3 inch TRD HogZ, 3.5 inch Trick ShotZ, 4 inch Finesse WormZ, 3 inch Slim SwimZ and 2.75 inch TRD Tubes (in the Flasher mod) Each worked great on the new jig heads. The highlight of the adventure was when the TRD TubeZ lure caught a really nice 21-1/4 inch Largemouth bass. Rest assured that additional Z-Man finesse lures, which I’ve fished in a Texas Rig style to avoid hang ups and weeds, will be tested on the new BulletZ jig heads in future videos. Enjoy the show!
Z-Man lures and Finesse BulletZ jig heads are available in fine tackle stores or at


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  1. Okay now that is a way to do a teaser at the beginning of the video pulling that nice bass out of the net. I have some finesse bulletZ and hula stickZ coming my way and cant wait to try them. Great video and thanks for sharing.

  2. Don, what a great show! What an enormous bass! A beast! Congratulations! The number of healthy fish you land always amazes me! It's no accident. You've become a master of knowing what works. I'm happy to report that my 1/15 oz. Finesse BulletZ jig heads arrived this week. I instantly wedded it to one of your Zeechies. It worked great and the combo stayed together for entire day. I'm hoping to get that video up in 15 days. The BulletZ can't be beat for keeping plastic lures, especially Zman lures, on the hook and ready for the next cast! So I can't thank you enough for the Zeechies! Your modifications are terrific! Thanks for taking us along on your latest adventure. I sure enjoyed it! All the best to you, Brenda, and sister, Lorraine! – – John & Jeanne

  3. Wow, what a bass, the new bullet jig head really works great. Will be the answer to a lot of weed beds . I was glad to see the Flasher on the top list again This trip kind of makes up for some of the weather. we have endured this year . I hope this is a snapshot of what a good fall can mean for fishing. thank for the imfo share with all the different lures..Well keep the videos coming I enjoyed , as always its just Bob

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