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Best Topwater Bait for Bass Fishing Today

Best Topwater Bait for Bass Fishing Today

Topwater Bubble Walker Bass Fishing
Rod:8′ MH
Line:40lb Braid、17lb Fluorocarbon Leader 50″
Lure: Popper 5/8oz


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  1. The megabass popmax used to be my favorite popper, but i hit a rock with it and broke part of the lip, now it just doesn't work as well. I was thinking of replacing it with another, but that bubble walker looks sick so i might go with that instead. Looks like it casts a mile

  2. I was out there today and it seems like the bait-busting fiesta is coming to an end. Only got a few stragglers. Maybe it was just the weather. It sure has been a fun few weeks though!

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