Best March Bass Fishing Tutorial Of All-Time…

Randy talks about catching bass in the month of March…#bassfishing #bass #bassmaster #fishing #fishingdaily #fish #fishinglife #fishingtrip #angler #catchandrelease #angler

Lake map breakdowns…

Baitwrx link…

Blaukat old school jig..

Solar bat link…


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  1. Started bass angling 8 months ago and I am absolutely hooked! This channel is my favorite, thank you for sharing your experience with us newbies!

  2. Its the 14th of March and the water temp is still below 50 degrees at Table Rock lake. Doesn't look like that is going to be changing any time soon since this weekend its supposed to be even colder.

  3. All you do these days is turn on the ffs drive around till you see fish these modern fisherman don't care about this stuff the way us older fisherman do

  4. I cant wait for this weekend, 60°+ weather from Saturday to Monday topping put 69° Tuesday! I'm so happy, just waiting for that water temp to to get above 55° at Lake Powell.

  5. I've lived in southwest Ohio my entire life, now living in southern SC past year in half. The pre spawn & spawn is sooo much earlier down here! They were moving up at end of February . I still have so much to learn about these fisheries down here. Not to mention the whole herring thing. But I love it, fishing has been really good to me & I enjoy learning & exploring all these new fisheries! Broken my largmouth PB 3 times sense I moved. Water was 67° on average on Sunday

  6. I would prefer more vids like this & mental Mondays of course. I don't care about lure tips. You can find the bass & have better understanding what their doing & why. You can get them to almost bite anything

  7. Yep, if you can be on the leading edge of fish movement you'll notice that the bigger fish show up first.
    This applies to Bluegill and Black Bass especially. White bass and crappie….not so much. 🤷‍♂️

  8. Great video as usual, but in the Chicago harbors that I fish the water in March is somewhere between the mid 30s and the upper 40s. Probably no 60s until June!

  9. Thanks Randy… great info. Can you drop some knowledge on 2D sonar and any personal settings preferences you have: wide/narrow/full chirp, depth settings, etc. Thanks!

  10. Randy, you’ll love this… fished Lake of the Ozarks yesterday with my buddy who just installed livescope and was fired up about getting out and using it. Well I caught a 6 pound largemouth out of one of my favorite spots based on knowledge, your advice, etc that LS had no influence at all. I caught several other keepers as well with no LS. I’m not putting one on my boat. PIA in my opinion.

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