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Best Day Kayak Fishing So Far This Year…Big Pike Day! – July 4th Weekend 2023 Part1

Best day of fishing for me so far this year. On the Saturday of the 4th of July weekend it turned into Big Pike Day. I caught 3 Northern Pike over 30 inches: a 31 inch, a 32 inch, and a 34 inch. I also caught a 27 inch Northern Pike and a 1.85 lbs Largemouth Bass. All the Pike were caught using a swimbait lure. The Largemouth Bass was caught with a plastic worm lure.

Shiawassee River, Stiffs Mill Pond, Holly, MI

Old Town Sportsman 106MK

0:00 – Intro
0:04 – Launch
0:23 – Pike 1 (34 inch)
3:12 – Pike 2 (32 inch)
6:03 – Pike 3 (27 inch)
7:46 – Pike 4 (31 inch)
9:52 – Largemouth Bass
11:00 – Pike 5
11:54 – End of the Day


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