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Berkley Powerbait Gilly Swimbait In-Depth with Mike Iaconelli

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The Berkley Powerbait Gilly Swimbait is one of the most versatile and innovative swimbaits on the market. In this Tackle Warehouse In-Depth, Mike Iaconelli discusses the many ways you can rig the Gilly and a few of his favorite ways to fish it. With endless possibilities, now is a great time for anglers to experiment with this unbelievable bluegill presentation and figure out what works best in your home body of water. Make sure to keep it locked in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOG to get more exclusive content, firsthand angler insight, and the best products at the best prices.

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Because details matter, Tackle Warehouse’s new In-Depth video series deals with breaking down the nuances of bass fishing, whether it’s in regard to seasonal bass behavior, tackle or lake conditions. Tapping some of the biggest names in tournament bass fishing, Tackle Warehouse helps anglers put together the pieces of the constantly evolving puzzle by focusing on the “why” of the bite. Filmed with the end goal to help anglers catch more fish, the Tackle Warehouse In-Depth video series sheds light on the small details that can make a big difference.

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  1. No thanks this thing extremely hard to fish " anatomically correct " lol how much did they pay Mike to advertise this even he knows this is trash 😆

  2. When companies run out of new ideas 💡, they make the same bait that another company does and call it something new 😂

    And pros are just salespeople these days, if Pepsi pays them more, they like the taste 👅 of Pepsi better then Coke 🤣🎣👍

  3. Pretty damn tough to get it to swim upright and straight. He says weightless but you’ll need to experiment using the right weight (or nail weight) and retrieve speed.

  4. Hey Berkley make this bait , same profile , same but in a topwater type perch with the double hook , when those perch are sucking underneath Lillie’s , I think this bait would smash em , but in a topwater bait

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