Bassmaster Open: Day One Lake Eufaula, AL! 2023 (I CAUGHT THEM!)

The first stop of the Bassmaster Open series brings us to the Lake Eufaula, AL. I’ve been to this body of water a few different times, and I really wanted to do well here. The first day went according to plan, and I can’t wait for y’all to see. Lake Eufaula is on FIRE! From bed fishing to swimbaiting, you don’t want to miss it! If you haven’t yet, hit the SUBSCRIBE button.

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  1. Man I hate seeing hundreds of bass caught and put in the well off the bed, gotta wonder what these 200 boat tourneys do to a lake during the spawn. I fished Eufala in the mid and late 90’s and in was insane. Looks like it’s come back some but I feel like all tournaments of this size need to go to, catch, weigh, release.

  2. Andrew, you better start doing some push ups son. Not saying your getting heavier, but that's what it looks like. You been eating good, my guy! Nice bag of big ens drew!!

  3. That's a nice bag Andrew. Been watching your buddy Hallman try to make his mark in the Elites he's doing good. Hope you can find them again on day 2. Nice on the water footage we like to see that. Good luck the rest of the tournament

  4. WHATTTTTTTT… I didn't know you were fishing the opens.. are you having to re-qualify? Sorry if I'm not up to date on the 411 about everything and everybody but I had no clue that you were fishing opens

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