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One of the best ways to catch bass in cold muddy water is with a spinnerbait. Even when the water temperature’s are in the low 40’s a spinnerbait will get some bites.

Baits similar to ones used in video:
TBC Ozark Flash Spinnerbait

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  1. Another great one! Finley always brings good luck. Feel it's only fair the "Thunder Thumper" should have its own special sound effect similar to the White Knight.

  2. I've been struggling last week or so in Cold muddy water. The rains and flooding has made it difficult. But thanks for some ideals to try

  3. That was good work in that muddy water, no doubt that Spinnerbait with that dinner plate sized blade was putting out loads of pulsation. I like how Finley is ready to drop the trolling motor when the boat slows down.

  4. Tin & Fin! Great stuff. Don't know how you manage to spend so much time on the water (and I'm retired), but you sure have some great waters. Yes, I have my jerks, swim jigs, spinnerbaits, and chatterbaits ready to go when we get through this windy and rainy spell. Sure hope our big 380 ac +/- local lake has some good fish on the banks. It is reputed to have white bass, too, but no mention of those tarpon you catch – stripers hahaha. We got lucky and missed that Olive storm but it sure created havoc with blizzards and power outages in the upper plains states. Spring is almost here! Don

  5. Good job in spinnerbait fishing. I caught quite a few at Cedar last spring and one that weighed 6 lbs in shallow water. Get this: I was throw a 1/4 oz. white spinnerbait, the dollar spinner from Walmart. lol I painted one blade white. I noticed that some of your Lew's reels make a lot of noise. Do you clean or oil them? Just wondered. I'm using both Lews and Piscifun reels. The Piscifun reels are excellent. Some of the best I've used and as you probably know, I used braided line only. God bless you. Keep up the good work of teaching us new techniques.

  6. Great video can’t believe the big thumper didn’t pay off. I fished Kinkaid water was 42 to 45 muddy some parts and clear others only caught one 3 lb on rock crawler. That slime in grass kept me from fishing slow bates. Tried the big thumper sure thought it was going to be the ticket. Not. Tnx for video keep them coming. Glad Finley had a sweater.

  7. I notice you don’t use a trailer hook on your spinner bait for short strikes. Do you think there not worth using? You obviously are hooking them just fine…

  8. Great job Gabe, you caught some nice fish. That spinnerbait can call up the big ones early season. You had tough conditions so I think you did great. Maybe could of mixed in a sqaurebill in red or a bright color.

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