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Bass Love Spiders!

Kayak fishing for largemouth bass with the Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider!

Gear used in this video:

Lure: Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider https://amzn.to/3in6Ixx

Rod: St Croix BassX 6’6″ MH F https://amzn.to/2NQz4SF

Reel: Quantum Vapor VP100HPT https://amzn.to/3ioRGra

Line: Power Pro Super Slick V2 30lb https://amzn.to/2YSsTnj

Pliers: Umpqua Rivergrip https://amzn.to/3eWju3P


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  1. The shape of a spider is so universally known and unforgettable. As unintelligent as fish are, I would go so far as to believe that even they would recognize the shape of a spider.

  2. I saw a video of a huge tarantula literally floating on the waters surface a few days ago. I'm up here in Ontario Canada, the biggest spiders our fish see are Wolf/Dock spiders which are 2.5" long at most.

    Are there spider's that big where you're fishing?
    Do you think the bass are ever eating it while differentiating between a spider, frog, dying bait fish?

  3. A stunningly beautiful lake with all those water lilies. It’s hard to imaging a better fishing scenario for largemouth. And on that marvellous calm day too! Those four chunky largies caught out there raise you to Heaven.

  4. That has to be the creepiest lure ever made , every time he pulls it out the water my skin crawls, and every time he raises it up to the camera my brain says ITS ALIVE!!!! 😂

  5. big fan. I know this is an older video, but I'm just digging thru your backlog for some inspiration. so i'm fairly new to bait casters, but have decent command of a pitch and of a roll cast which has caught me many feesh (from the bank, smalies in cover, mostly timber laydowns and quite a quick river… St Joseph River, Michigan). Thru all of your videos and all the amazing catches, i keep coming back to that effortless overhand flick that you seem to always put right on the money. obviously decades of practice. I have the same MHF 6'6" st croix rod and a decent reel, power pro super slick 30lb braid to a leader. any advice or mantra behind such a sick cast?

  6. I'm starting to wonder if this dude is a good fisherman or just has amazing water to fish. Don't have these types of places in my state.

  7. My kids seen one of these the other day when I was picking up some new gear. I legitimately thought about getting one for a good minute. Ended up getting a prop frog instead. Still might try a spider.

  8. Eh ! Love your videos ! Made by a real fisherman. Calm, informative and fun. It’s super cold up here in Western Canada and watching your videos warms my heart. I want to make a trip to ND for some bass fishing and was wondering how far North in ND can we find good bass fishing ?

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