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Bass Fishing Youtubers…How Much Money Do They Make?

Randy Has a discussion on the topic of how much money do bass fishing YouTube personalities make…#YouTube #bassfishing #fishing #bassfishingyoutubers #money


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  1. Randy,love your videos, watch all of them and you talk about things people are interested in. I hope your channel is super successful because your a down to earth guy.

  2. (Spoken in Marlon Brando's Godfather tone), I subscribed, watch, & like every video of yours I can…One day I will ask for a favor…You will never know when that day will come, but don't expect me to become a Patreon to do it, LOL.

  3. I would guess that the age group of the viewers plays a huge part in the "views ratio" too. The older the viewers the more they have to select their time, space and dedicated devotion to watching YouTube channels. Younger people watch their favorite channels more often, I'd guess. I see in the comments on many channels how you get viewers who will "egg on" a youtuber's channel, getting them to take more dangerous risks with boats, stunts, etc, to keep thier viewers loyal to them. Older, more mature, youtubers view mostly for learning from channels such as yours. Less tricks and risks but heavyweights in teaching and sharing with us. I would suggest that the socio-economic, psychographic and demographic profiles of "viewer sets" are vastly important to the subs vs income ratios. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO, YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT 🙌🤗.

  4. I only watch YouTube videos for fishing to:

    1.) Refamiliarize myself with technique and timing. Mostly on the spring.
    2.) Sensationally extreme fishing. For example Ramp Monsters.
    3.) T&A, can we say Jackie Shea?

    Explaining #1. I've fished for over 40, never competitively and I also fish multiple species. Some years, I won't bass fish, some years I won't walleye fish, etc. So while I have a ton of fishing experience, a lot can be lost if it's not your primary interest.

    FWIW, I think your vids have been being recommended to me because I'm thinking on headed to table rock next week. So I've been brushing up a little.

  5. I’ve been watching for about 4 years now. Seen lots of channels, I’m down to about 4 now. You, tactical bassin, flukemaster, And Alex Rudd. It I need off shore I go to Johnny. Keep up the great information content!!!

  6. I'm about 8 months in with a YouTube channel and I make $0 off if it. Still working on the subscribers and watch hours at this point. Randy is on point with the time it takes to edit a video. One other thing, if you watch a video and it has an ad on it and the channel doesn't have 1000 subscribers, that channel isn't making anything from that add.

  7. I’ve started a gardening YouTube channel it’s called “Outside With Jeff” and I’d really appreciate if you check it out if you like what you see please consider subscribing to the channel thank you so much for supporting a fellow gardener of 20+ years. Ps I created a hobby farm from scratch and sold it in 2018 and I plan on making future videos talking about that time in my life.

  8. Your kid is OUT! Haha!
    Thanks so much for this video. I do my videos for fun, but am hoping to make a little side money to help upgrade equipment. Your content is great. It’s often questions that other won’t answer.

  9. The t-shirts through YouTube deal, the reason they don't sell (for really anyone) is it's a horrible deal. Set up a spring-tee store and they'll cost less than half as much.

  10. The big thing is converting an audience of viewers into an audience of buyers, if you want to go full time. The Googan guys make decent money from YouTube, but the bigger part of their income is from product licensing and sales. That's how they're buying land and big houses.

  11. Great video. I have often wondered about this. I think its interesting too how some channels will have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and videos with views in the tens of thousands and then have 13 comments. Interesting stuff. Sure appreciate your channel Randy.

  12. This is one of the things I enjoy about your content Randy. You give straight up, honest info about the ups and downs of trying to make a living as a professional bass fisherman.

  13. you said it! producing the content is probably the hardest thing about it all. Just a hobby for me but I definitely feel I'm getting better each week with it, also I've applied my skills to make home videos of the kids and the family loves them!!! Great speech man, whish my kids slept in the car though 🙁

  14. I like your channel and hearing your take on things- as a fellow Missourian and someone who thinks about things outside JUST the actual fishing part of the sport. Today there are too many people who are scared of the cancel culture, so they pull their punches on their thoughts. If an angler can string sentences together with coherent, logical and intelligent thoughts, they should be able to make some side money in the process. What you said is why so many YouTubers stress people subscribe and also get automatic notifications- that increases the likelihood people will actually watch new videos. Good luck and I hope your channel continues to grow!

  15. Hello, Randy, I will say once again, FWIW, if you want to do your viewers a favor, learn how to filter background noise. Like your content but I don't watch some of your stuff, it's aggravating from the noise. You can likely do this with free software and it's not hard.

  16. Randy, as South African we have very few guys making bass videos. I must say however that your advice is VERY relevant to us here down south. I believe guys like you, tacticalbassing, TRF's Tyle and Roland Martin SHOULD be supported because guys like you have had a huge impact on my bass fishing, especially keeping the passion alive. Tight lines.

  17. Randy could you do a video on bass boat safety! These young guys are going to get someone killed several on a river today taking a blind curve at 65mph with no idea of what's around the corner!

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