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Bass Fishing With Storm Wildeye Live Swim Shad Wow

2020 Winter Bass Fishing STORM Wildeye Live SWIM Shad
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2020 Winter Bass Fishing STORM Wildeye Live SWIM Shad
Winter Bass Fishing 2020
2020 Storm Wildeye Live Swim Shad
Storm Wildeye live swim Shad
Storm baits
Storm swim baits
Winter Bass Fishing
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  1. Just subbed I’m usin same shad, I just started fishin again after almost 20yrs, haven’t been since was a youngest wanted to go so we went to Walmart got couple cheap poles and my first bait I choose was a shad, you crank it pretty fast huh when reeling it in..? I think I’m reeling to slow but I have caught 2 bass so far with this exact shad, now seems like I’m never getting any bites or anything.. cept losing bait haha

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