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Bass fishing with soft plastic and plugs in Anglesey N Wales UK


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  1. Well done Tommy a cracking session on the lures and like you say there's nothing wrong with taking an average sized bass for the table every now and then. When it comes to bass stocks it's the trawlers and netters that are the major problem as 98% of bass fishermen are catch and release. As for the hole under the rock I would say it was a large edible crab that was there at some point in time. I used to go crabbing with a crabbing hook and seen similar holes with plenty of shells around which had been eaten. People think that a lobster would beat a crab in a fight but it's the other way around and a crab would crush a lobster no problem. Just goes to show also Tommy that you don't need all the expensive lures to catch bass as fish really don't see the price tag. What I do now is buy blanks unpainted lures and airbrush them the colours I want then coat them in epoxy so they are as hard as nails. I actually have the glow in the dark paint but not used it as of yet. Love the channel and the varied types of fishing you do and I can see the channel growing day by day and you deserve it as I know the editing alone takes time. Take care buddy a da iawn eto Tommy.

  2. Nice video. The camera angles were fine imo; it was good to see how you were working the rod/lure. Lovely size bass for the table. I am like you putting the big girls back; nice to think someone else might get a lucky catch too after being released. They are so slow growing there aren’t many big bass!

    P.s. would love a video on free-lining, especially if you have any of your usual helpful tips. Personally I am put off not having a weight or float to help keep the line out of the kelp or from rubbing rocks.
    Tight lines.

  3. Nice one Tommy πŸ‘
    It's nice just to wander off with a rod and a bag of bits.
    You never know what surprises might turn up. Good sport, a tasty dinner and most importantly no dogfish πŸ˜‚πŸŸπŸŽ£πŸ‘

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