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Bass Fishing With A Realistic SNAKE Lure: Interesting Results

This video is all about using a topwater snake lure to go after the bass. Spoiler alert…it catches fish. Don’t forget to leave a comment, you could win this snake lure by doing so.
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  1. Good to see you in good spirits bro. My best catch is a early spring caught on a spook. It is 5.8lb minus the shad it spit out. Otherwise, I believe it's 6lb.

  2. It's about 4lb plus if I am not mistake. It was early in the morning with a buzzbait and I am glad I managed to get myself out of bed to catch the action.

  3. Congratulations bro, glad the channel is doing super well. I never win anything before so no harm in trying. Enter me in please. Right….? I landed a 6.2lb on a plastic frog bait. It was fun while It lasts.

  4. I did not recall ever using a snake lure before. Nice if I could give it a go. Best top water on record is 7lb and that is once in a lifetime fish for me if I can't do better in the future!

  5. I use a yozuri saltwater popper and the results are amazing. I caught a 7.9lb monster. Very pleased with it. Don't be afraid to use saltwater gear, it may surprise you.

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