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Bass Fishing With A DRONE For BIG FISH!

I go bass fishing with a drone for my biggest fish of the year! You won’t believe the sight fishing and the fish we could see with this mavic pro drone

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  1. Love your videos bro but listen you got a carry a scale because you definitely donโ€™t know the weight of those fish get you a scale but the quality of the video is there good stuff

  2. Loving the video's , I'm hooked! Challenge you could do would be to fish with lures that others use in other countries. I'm from Scotland so would be fun to watch you using our versions of baits!

  3. I do 90 percent land base/beach saltwater fishing and i have seen anglers rig these drones up to carry the entire fishing line, leader, bait and weight 100s of yard out from the beach. Try rigging it up so you can just " drop cast" with the drone. Just an idea. keep up the great content!

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