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Bass Fishing Lake Pardee California 06 12 2023

I had another good day at Lake Pardee today. I caught 7 Largemouth and 2 Smallmouth Bass, with a couple in the 3 lb range. I got there just as they opened the gates and had the lake to myself for the first couple of hours. Temps were in the low 70s with just enough wind to make the spinnerbait light up. I tried topwater when it was calm but no bites. The Largemouth were all hanging out in shallow water with a gentle shoreline slope. Smallmouth were all caught along a steeper shoreline. I hooked into 3 or 4 more fish, but they all had successful escape plans.


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  1. Nice going Barry. Can't wait to get up there. I've been going to Amador lately. Baby brush hogs in the watermelon colors with a drop shot work very well. The bass there are huge and they are chasing the schools of shad up into the creeks right now in the afternoons. Fun times

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