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Bass Fishing Is EASY If You Follow These 3 Rules

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  1. I know what lake this is ! I need Jimi to fish more with me on this body of water. Especially since he has turned into a shallow water specialist. Keep it up Jimi

  2. Thank you for a great presentation. I fish from a kayak. I’m resistant to off shore angling because of low confidence.
    I’ll apply your tips going forward.

  3. Great tips. New to your channel and enjoy the advice from you and the pros. What kind of line do you recommend while fishing in colder water? I am in Oklahoma and water temps are running 60 – 63 degrees right now.

  4. Jim thanks for the video! Could you do a video on off shore Spotted Bass techniques. My lake has Kentucky Spots as the main bass species. Also the cover is boulders and rocks and no trees or lay downs or creek arms. It's a deep low land resvoir. How do you choose where to fish because the lake is so rocky. Thanks for the information.

  5. Thanks for the tip! Maybe you can do a video on the next step of this, as in how to identify the best spots like what you just found, where the fish are setting up in similar places. How to quickly find 15-20 more places just like it…

  6. I want to thank each an everone of you guys for your time for making these videos for us guy's that want to become better fisherman. You guy's are awesome in my book. Thank you all again an GOD BLESS

  7. What helped me out was if I saw something like a brush pile or rocks or whatever, I fished it. After a while, I was able to figure out where those fish were set up on that structure and different times and under different conditions. You just have to put the time in. Having YouTube videos help, but nothing is ever going to replace time on the water.

  8. This is perfect for me. I'll admit it, I'm not really into offshore fishing, but I really need to get more into it because I'm sure I'm costing myself some bites.

  9. Jimi I think you are a great addition to Fish the Moment…Every Video you are a part of is awesome… Great job Sir…Johnny should give you a huge bonus for all the great work you are doing…my GOD hless you and your family every day…Don

  10. Pretty dang easy when you've got livescope or forward facing sonar, back in the day you had string and a rock for depth and your bait was your fish finder,

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