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Bass Fishing Guadalupe River

Bass Fishing Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake Dam from Canyon Lake, TX to New Braunfels, TX

River flow @ Sattler 70CFS

Memorial Day Weekend 2023

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  1. That paraglider was like, "found ya!!" Haha.
    Really interesting about the trout population, and it's really cool that that's the only river in Texas that has them.
    Some good looking bass, and a nice kayak ride. Well done my friend!

  2. Great intro and trek into a beautiful fishing area! Great description and insight of how you break down the water you're fishing and the technique you use to target the fish! Beautiful looking catches and a whole lot of activity on that river! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Trout in Texas? I had no idea! That's wild! Nothing but tubers and youtubers on that river🤣 I was hoping to see a trout, but I'll settle for Guadalupe bass. Cool fish Marc!

  4. Lot of traffic on the river. It's like a whole community there on the water. I think I would have lost it seeing that flying machine in the air. Great video my friend.

  5. I think your the first person I have even seen wear a Stetson cowboy hat on a kayak 👍

    that was a great weekend it looked like you had the river all to yourself

    Nice catch 🎣✌️

  6. Rainbow trout in the Guadalupe River.. who'd thunk that 🤔 Nice float trip Marc! Yea the tubers float the James here in the summer, quite a rowdy bunch. Great vid my brother!

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