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Bass Fishing: First Look – Shimano Poison Adrena & Expride B

In this video, Gramps takes a look a the Shimano Poison Adrena and Expride B baitcasting rods and gives an intitial impression after fishing with them towards the end of the fishing season.

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  1. Hey Gramps, I just saw this video for the first time and being a Shimano4Life kinda guy,( I’ve mixed several other rod companies in) I have both of the same rods plus a couple more Exprides and Loomis IMX Pros and I absolutely love the Poison Adrena as well.
    . I paired it with a Metanium reel and I really can tell the difference in how the PA casts, both light, and bullseye accuracy. I will definitely be adding more PA’s to my line up. You did a great job on Kentucky Lake, which is my home lake since my Dad took me and my brothers there in the early 60’s( a fish catch 25% of the casts) I was heartbroken about 8 years ago when the CofE killed the grass,and the Asian carp exploded along with tournament pressure and bass fishing lost one of the greatest lakes in the country. My brother has had a home there for 20+ years and the lake is coming back and the smallies have led the rebound along with the crappie. I’ve been a customer of ALFC for over 9 years now, and even though I retired in Raleigh NC. I’ve continued to have them my #1 online store for 80% of my fishing gear. I’m an Elite Member and have bought both new and used rods and reels and Shimano baits as well. I’ve seen you on other channels and glad you’re having success on your own channel 🍀🎣🍀✊💯. Tight Lines🎣

  2. I own the entire Expride B line and Megabass Orochi XX line. Both are fantastic rods. Now I can't fish with anything thing else. Just a warning if you take that step you'll never look back. Spoil yourself, you owe it to yourself.

  3. Hey gramps I have poison adrena 6'10" with a zillion on it I use it mostly ginka rig fishing the bottom contact sensitivity was unexpected . I bought the rod for top water. Crazy.

  4. Congratulations on your new ownership of the Poison Adrena and the Expride B, as well as this being a very good first impressions video. As you know I own several Poison Adrena’s, and an Expride B (all spinning). I am very impressed with their performance and I think that they outperform the Gary Dobyns series of rods. One of the first things that you’ll notice in the comparison is how quickly the rods snap back into original positioning, compared to the Dobyns rods. I actually believe that the power of the Dobyns rods are typically one power less than the power they advertise. That said they are still great rods. I look forward to more videos on your extended use of these fantastic Shimano rods. 👏🏿👏🏿🎣

  5. It says Shimano on it I can't use…. I kid..I kid… look cool, sound cool, great first impressions. Would I honestly buy them probably not. I like my lews and dobyns

  6. I do own 2 Poison Adrenas . 7’3 MH k 7’4 H and I love both of them. I’ve had them for 2 years now -MH does really well on t-rigs and free rigs and the 7’4 H excels in trebbled lures which I utilize for topwater crawlers and ploppers

  7. Sweet Gramps 👍 I have the Zodias with the SLX MGL 70 and absolutely love it and when my boss says it's ok I'm definitely gonna try that MGL 150 🤞 Great vid JT really appreciate all you do to try and fix me ✊👍👌🍻

  8. Like the grips and the reel seats on both models no threads near my fingers. My stupid tube rod and jerk bait rod for far casting is the 276M Poison Adrena Spinning rod with a Shimano 2500 F6 Complex balance’s great! Thanks for the review but must warn you the new Expride 7’2 ML spinning rod has more of a ML+ to M action .

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