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Bass fishing Cherokee Lake October 1, 2022

First time fishing and filming on Cherokee Lake. Must watch!


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  1. During the fall on cherokee for whatever reason the bass just swat at top water. You’ll catch 10-15 but may end up with 20-30 hits during a day. Going down bluff walls from august till about October you’ll get a ton of blow ups on top water too

  2. Gr8 vida! I fish Cherokee about 3 or 4 times a year. Still trying 2 figure her out! I was wondering if u would do a vida on cheating in fishing tournaments since u fish alot of them give ur perspective on the matter or stories or give ur thoughts on them walleye tournament cheaters! Anyway God B with u! Looking forward 2 ur next adventure!

  3. way to go guys. good catches. was at brogans last Tuesday, caught 7 one big smallie just off ramp before daylight and one be spot. all fish caught on rapala balsa square bill crankbait craw pattern. be at brogans in the morning Tuesday Oct 4th. got good pix but don't know how to put them here where you can see them..

  4. Awesome content gentlemen! I’ve often wondered how cherokee goes. Beautiful place. They say the dam running causes those feeding frenzies. I’m not certain but I’ve been told. God love y’all

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