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Bass Fishing + Big Bass on Frog (6+ lbs)

Early morning bass fishing on an overcast day.
Huge bass at 2:48


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  1. I agee. Probably under 8, but not far from it. Unfortunately, my largest fish was caught when my scale was at home also. But I would estimate mine to be around 8.5 to 9 lbs. Ultimately, great catch!

  2. Hey Lawson: Congrats you lucky dog; perfect time, day, location, bait … (who makes that blue braid and reel?)
    You handled it well. Watched a lot of your saltwater videos too and subbed awhile ago.

  3. I like how you actually know your weights! Most YouTube fishermen would have called that a 10 pounder *cough 1rod1reel cough* your fish was defiantly 7+ nice job man! Hope you beat your PB again soon!

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