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Bass Fishing Bayou Liberty (February 2021)

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Water temperatures are ranging in the low to mid 50s, pushing largemouth bass into pre-spawn and making Bayou Liberty and Bayou Bonfouca excellent destinations to begin fishing.

But, I don’t have a lot of experience fishing these areas, so come along with me on this fishing trip as I give it all I’ve got to have a great day of catching.


** Jigging Setup **

Classic Matrix Shad – https://bit.ly/3zNx06h
Black Platinum Jigheads – https://bit.ly/3t688mo
Daiwa Tatula 100 – https://bit.ly/3DHsreO
Matrix Jigging Rod – https://bit.ly/3U6vsww
14lb Monofilament – https://bit.ly/3fE1QaK

** Popping Cork Setup **

Four Horsemen Popping Cork – https://amzn.to/3WAocKG
Daiwa Aird-X Spinning Rod – https://bit.ly/3t1Bv9v
Daiwa J-Braid – https://bit.ly/3t1Q8d6
Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel – https://bit.ly/3sYz73x

** My Favorite Speckled Trout Lures **

Evergreen ShowerBlow – https://bit.ly/3U4cLtc
Mirrodine 17MR – https://bit.ly/3FVj5Pk
Mirrodine XL – https://bit.ly/3Ua2gEH
Corky Fatboy – https://amzn.to/3T2VQ8Z

** My Favorite Redfish Lures **

Netbait Baby Paca Craw – https://bit.ly/3DFyJeZ
Owner Flashy Swimmer – https://bit.ly/3t38Cty

** Coolers **

Bruin 30 Can Soft Hopper – https://bit.ly/3E3FPeX
Bruin 48QT Hard Cooler – https://bit.ly/3U7Dl4L


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  1. Good stuff, that tatula SV is my first daiwa setup and so far I love it for bass. The comments don't lie, there's something to watching videos where you do something out of the norm/comfort zone thats refreshing, looking forward to more content

  2. Saw you ran your boat in Pearl River Canal after the lower unit replacement and was jw if you ever fish there because I have several times and always seem to do pretty good

  3. At 9:50 were you in the Carr Dr Canal? That sailboat in the background looked familiar… Nice trip, cool change of pace. Edit, silly me, all I have to do is watch the Post Trip Review. lol.

  4. Keep doing what your doing dev dog !i want to show you this spot off the parish line . If your ever in the Kenner area , I would like to pick your brain about some things ! Hopefully I see you soon !

  5. Nice video, love to see you getting out of your comfort zone. Just as I did this week with the great weather we had until today. I put about 30 hours on the water launching out of bayou segnette this week. Definitely pre spawn pattern, bass & sacalait. Caught numerous fish w/ multiple bass over 3 lbs on underspins/swim baits and I know there’s bigger ones. Also caught 3 or 4 black crappie over 14” talk about a great week of fishing

  6. Freakin' gorgeous scenery and the bonus of freshwater fish-ability! I am not aware of that launch…can you provide info as to its location? All 7 grandsons live in the Mandeville/Covington areas…easy trip for me to take them…thanking you in advance-John Castelluccio, Jr.

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