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Bass Fishing At Most Epic Lake (Fall Fishing)

Fall Fishing for bass can be a tricky window to catch bass. The season change will throw the fish up and down. In this video I do a little bass fishing at the most pristine fishery in Johannesburg.

This fall (autumn) fishing day was out at aqua paradesio. It had been raining none stop days before the day I went out fishing. I thought I would give it a bash and try catch fish after a heavy few days of rain.

I thought this would be the best time to catch bass reason for this is that the bass will be on the move to eat so they can get there bellies full for the long cold winter we are going to be having. Like I said this is a tricky time to catch bass and thats exactly what it was, Tricky.

The fish had stage 4 lock jaw and they just wen’t in the mood to eat anything that was put in front of there face. This venue holds some really quality fish and it has super potential to be the best fisheries in Johannesburg. it’s just that the fish in the dam are to finicky.

I do like the autumn period for bass fishing, reason being is that you can pull out your most amount of bass in a short period of time.

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