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Bass Fishing at Loch Raven Reservoir (GIVEAWAY TIME!!)

Once we reach 100 subs we will be doing our first giveaway! Thanks for the support!


Wave Types –
Thrailkill –

The Trip – We truly love Loch Raven sometimes are better than others but that is fishing right??


We are a team of avid bass fishermen for over 20 years. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for contests and giveaways

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  1. I think I saw you this morning at Loch. Was going to say Hello, but you were in the boat and on the water in a flash. Hope it was a good day!

  2. I thought you were going to say something profound when you said I do have to say something to you guys and you were like “……like…. Comment… subscribe.” 😂😂😂 Also, Cher is cool. 😂👏

  3. Took me 8 months to hit 100.. I was at 99 when I went “birthday bassin” saw a young man at the lake I was at and he said he would sub.. had a giveaway at 100 subs. Gave the young man a brand new baitcaster and some other baits to try out after he subbed. Best birthday ever.

  4. The look of pure uncomfort on your face asking people to like and subscribe 😂 love the video! You guys go to such beautiful spots. Switching the motor is genius!

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