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When it comes to bass fishing, we as anglers are always looking for better tricks and techniques to increase our chance of catching not just fish, but better quality fish. Sometimes those tricks are a lot more simple and easy than you might imagine! In this video, we’ll discuss a simple trick that I do to coax some aggressive strikes when those bass aren’t in the biting mood! #fishing #bassfishing #fishingtips

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  1. Special thanks to the folks at Easy Kasting for the awesome skirt tabs I used to make the custom jigs! Click the link in the description and save 15% when you spend $45 or more with code LoBrow15!

  2. The last few weeks I've been trying a more subtle approach using quiet swimbaits instead of traps and plugs. And it seems to be working good so far!Thanks for the tips! Congrats on winning the jigs!

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