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Backlash: All Around BEST LINE for Throwing Swimbaits

Mike Gilbert discusses what he feels is THE BEST all around line for throwing swimbaits.

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  1. Seaguar flouro in general is VERY dependable. Bass fishing is moderate compared to Snook. A big snook will wear your line out and I had more break offs in general w snook than anything. The Seaguar Blue is money. I use the inshore also, dont care for the Gold. Yozuri is a little softer and better knot tying but have had equal success. It is a PROCESS and the fish and conditions dictate what size and variety to use. Some day's I like the thinnest some days thicker. I have not used the AbrazX but I am sure it is a fine product.

  2. Try Gamma edge. It's insanely tough line and breaks much higher then rated strength. The 16# breaks at 22lbs and the 20# breaks at 28lbs. I have yet to find a Flouro that can out break it. That's testing it against about every Flouro I can find at a break strength one higher then the Gamma edge. The 16# Gamma beat the abrazx 20# when I tested them side by side with the Palomar knot. Thanks for the killer baits and info.

  3. Why would the line need to be different for a top water swimbait? It's not like you throw them in pads with treble hooks or am I confused? I'm thinking wake baits

  4. I usually use braid to 30lb flouro leader for most glidebaits and straight 80lb braid for big topwaters like the Deps Skaters/Walker and Megabass Megadog. I mostly chase big stripers in the CA Delta so I need the oversized gear for the 15-30lb fish but it feels way overkill for largemouth. I think I definitely miss out on bites when I'm just targeting largemouth which sucks

  5. I like the 25lb I used it on my big crackdown baits to get them down deeper. I Don't really have to worry about line shy bass because no one really throws over 17lb or big baits around me. With crackdowns it's more of a reaction bite.

  6. I’m up here in Michigan and our lakes are loaded with Pike, which can cost a person a lot of money…🤬
    Would you use a different approach regarding line?

  7. Hey Mike I’ve watched all of your videos several times and I was just watching the video again that you have talking about big baits with big hooks requires heavy hook sets, and I notice that you use Flouro and reel into the fish before swinging, have you ever considered using a braid to stretchy flouro or a braid to mono to decrease the amount of stretch in the line with a heavier hook to maybe increase hook up ratio because I know on my bodies of water when I reel into them and swing they just spit the bait out and never come back.

  8. I'm going back to abrazx- got off on a JDM kick- I call it "chasing the dragon" – cost me a fortune and I found a lot of really cool, effective baits and techniques but- abrazx rules, it's easier to get, usually cheaper- I'm going back. Does anyone know of good, higher end monofilament line? Preferably something really manageable cause some of the techniques I throw call for like 17 pound test – or higher if need be. It's used to float the front of a popper up so it spits more than pops but- that's all I'm gonna say about that. I've been using Stren or Berkley Trilene believe it or not- they wok pretty well but aren't the most manageable.

  9. I was exclusively using Seaguar Red Label, then I had several spools of crap line. Would break off on hooksets, would snap inside the reel, etc. I dunno if they had a QC issue or what. Switched to InvizX and it was great until I got my second spool and then the same problem. Was really disappointed in Seaguar.

  10. Abrazx is the real deal. Took it to fish Lake Baccarac a few years ago, which has tremendous amount of jagged rocks, and never broke off any big fish throwing swimbaits and 1oz jigs

  11. i’ve use InvisX for years, and i’ve got full confidence with it, just like you do with abrazx. but here lately i’ve been running straight braid because my water has been relatively stained and has a ton of thick cover that i’ve gotta come through.

    i’ve also never ran anything heavier than 20lb flouro and 50lb braid. and it’s always worked well for me. if i’m going under 3oz with a bait, i’m running 15lb flouro. and it works super well for me.

  12. I know 20 is your choice but would you go any bigger if you was fishing standing timber I'm basically fishing a lake that was dam up and flooded and there's standing timber from a foot deep to 40 foot deep and the only thing that was cleared was boat lanes

  13. I’ve had mixed feelings about the flouros I’ve used over the years for my soft baits. P-line 100% never really failed me but it gets “chalky” quickly and I’m constantly putting conditioner on it. I just bought a new spool of FC Sniper last week and gonna give it a go. Maybe I’ll grab a spool of abrazx and throw it on my other soft bait setup! P-line original is my fav for hard baits tho. Thanks for the tips like always! Oh and Seaguar sales about to go 📈📈📈

  14. I had almost the exact opposite experience with AbrazX. But will give it a 2nd chance.
    I have settled on mostly using braid to leader…usually a copoly line or fluoro leader material.
    I am able to give my equipment a thorough stress test by going snagging for Asian carp that mostly run between 15-25 lbs and fight like crazy.

  15. I was talking with Brice Boseman at the 2021 Bassmasters about how I lost my Hinkle Trout! I was using Seaguar Abrazx 25lb. brand new spool and a brand new rod. Keep in mind I had only fished my Hinkle 5-6 times. I made a nice lob cast fishing parallel to a deep point. Mid flight I heard that dreaded "SNAP/POP". No birds nest the line just snapped. I contacted Seaguar via-email gave them the production run etc. Never heard back from them. Yes it's all in confidence, which is why I will never purchase any of their products. I currently use Sunline and Yo-Zuri.

  16. Thank you Mike. Great video. Seagar line hard to find around here, but I know where it is up in Shelby,NC. The Bass Shack. Plus our Bass here don’t grow as big as they do in Cali. I hope one day to meet you and fish with you, definitely on my Bucket list.! Tight lines,Brother.

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