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Autumn Bass Fishing At Witbank Dam. WHERE All The BASS!!!!

Witbank dam is a known dam for holding great bass and in this video I try to find those big largemouth bass.

Day 1 I went out with Dexter and Marnus from Iron River to have a fun day bass fishing. I used this opportunity to get a pattern dialled in for my upcoming bass fishing competition. Turns out the fish where more difficult to catch then what we all expected. We went looking for bass throwing many different types of lures catching small bass. The day was difficult and I had not figured out a pattern for comp day.

Day 2 my brother in-law joined me to catch some bass. I went in more confident knowing some spots where we could catch some decent bass, this again didn’t happen. Stephen and myself Fished different areas of the dam trying different lures.

Day 3 James and myself went for our final day off practice to finally dial in the pattern for our comp day. Started at the first spot I had been to twice to see if the bank would produce any bass. This really didn’t work out for us. We headed up to the dam wall where there is a underwater flat with some grass on it. James had a really good bite and we decided that this was going to be our first stop for comp day. We fished abit of the gorge and got no bass to bite. Went up river thinking this was going to be the way to catch all our bass. This wasn’t the case ether. All a couple hours we went to a resteraunt that is situated on the dam. this is where we had lunch and a couple drinks.

Witbank dam wasn’t good to me over these three days bass fishing. Couldn’t really figure out a pattern.


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  1. Lekker video bro, witbank seems to be a tougher venue. Well I guess there could also be other factors to consider. 😁
    Just a quick question, I'm looking for Berkley Gilly, any advice where to get? I see tackle cabin don't have it yet.

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