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Apply These Tips To Catch More Bass On A Jig!

Jigs can be one of the best lures to catch number of bass and quality size at anytime of the year! in today’s video members from our BFD team share their modifications that they do to jigs for the spring. Thanks for watching!

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Miles’ Equipment:
Sonar Fishing –
Z-Man David Walker’s Crosseyez Football Jig:
Z-Man Hella Crawz:
Smelly Jelley Pro Guide Strength Elite:
Fitzgerald All Purpose Series Casting Rod:
Fitzgerald VLD 10 Casting Reel:
Seaguar AbrazX:

Randy’s Equipment:
Intuitive Angling with Randy Blaukat –
Valor Baits Randy Blaukat’s Old School Jig :
Zoom Super Chunk

Jimi’s Equipment:
Jewel Baits Fish The Moment Offshore Jig
Big Bite Baits College Craw

Video Mentioned
Stop Wasting Time When Fishing A Jig

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  1. Hi guys, thanks for sharing this great informative video!!
    Greetings from the Netherlands and bless you guys, Pat.

  2. Swim jigs are my go-to. Always have at least 1 tied on the deck if not 2. Can fish them the same way as a football jig and seems to get less hangups. Most of my bigger bass (4+ pounds) comes off jigs

  3. My favorite type of fishing and you guys never fail to deliver the goods on helping us become better angler's! Never used it before but does that Zman jig have the elaztech made into the skirts?

  4. Sad day today, I finally snagged and lost my Blaukat old school jig I got from the holiday baitwrx box. Think I need to put some of these tips to work and build confidence with a jig before investing in more, it hurt my heart losing such a beautifully made jig.

  5. Hey Jimi people been catching huge salmon and all kinds of huge fish out of the surf for years and they ain't using bait casters to do it.Please stop thinking spinning gear is only good for ned rigs and drop shots finesse fishing.

  6. What is it with fisherman and bad mouthing spinning rods .That is what I started on and still use exclusively for the last 47 years .Not just for small fish .I caught a 4lb. And a 5lb back to back days from the bank in 40 degree water temp here in PA.

  7. As I always say, Jigs take me to my happy place! I like a 1/2 oz flipping jig with either a red and black skirt for cloudy days or a green and orange for those sunny days for my clear water fisheries.

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