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After Collecting 10,000+ Tournament Patterns, We SOLVED Bass Fishing

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  1. I got the app early on and have seen it evolve. I love the app. One of the best things about it is narrowing down the options. I know from past experience that if you start going down the wrong path, you can waste your hole day. I've used the app many times and haven't been skunked yet.

  2. I think we can sum this up by saying the jig is going to be the best big lake lure for bass most of the time, in most places. If you need this app to tell you what to fish, then I wouldn't throw topwater. Impressive app nonetheless!

  3. So – you're saying that you've managed to convert what used to be a relaxing opportunity to spend a few hours out on the water with friends or family pursuing the wily bass into a rote exercise involving expensive electronics, high powered boats and cut-throat tactics to demonstrate who can claim the 'honor' of killing the most fish and contributing the most to utterly destroying the resource. Congratulations. The tournament fishing industry has become the single most destructive force operating on America's lakes and the amount of money it generates to local businesses make it untouchable. The normal people who just want to go to a lake and catch a few fish to take home have no place to go because the fish have no place where they can find refuge and their numbers and quality are telling that tale loudly. It's bad enough that tournament fishing even exists, but to see these videos that show absolutely zero respect for the resource are simply obscene.

  4. I'm an inshore fisherman but have been wanting to try more bass fishing. This seems super complicated compared to what I'm used to. Is all that tackle and gadgets really that necessary? I feel like I'd be targeting the same areas highlighted in the app just due to what I know about bass fishing and I didn't need an app to tell me

  5. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t support Ol Jonny! I mean, I’ve read these comments and Jonny has answers to all ( the legitimate comments) It’s apparent he’s working his butt off on this to make it as good as it can get. Also work hard on some more FTM videos Jonny! 😂 Got my Hover rigs in Friday!

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