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Abandoned Fish Found LIVING in GREEN SLIME POND!

In today’s video, I net inside the green slime ponds at the abandoned fish store, and I was SHOCKED at what I caught! We ended up finding some CRAZY fish living inside these ponds, like electric blue African cichlids, blue crawfish, albino tilapia, redtail catfish, AND MORE! 10,000 likes and ill go back and buy all of the cichlids!

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  1. You should travel to sf ca theres a park with a pond with the most monsterous giant koi fiah ever…. im so serious they look between 2 to 3 feet in lnegth. Kind of terrifying tbh

  2. Algae only means there is too much sun and nutrients in the water, it does not necessarily mean the water conditions are bad. Algae are plants, they don’t negatively affect the fish in any way. The fish actually eat algae and algae is very nutritions for all.

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