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9lb Bass on Bull Shad Swimbaits Bull Gill Swimbait while Kayak Fishing on Memorial Day Weekend!

Finally got to take the 5″ inch Bull Gill jointed swimbait by Bull Shad Swimbaits (Mike Bucca) out on the lake kayak bass fishing …


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  1. Awesome stuff man. New friend here. I'm slightly new to the creator world and love watching others make similar content! Your stuff is structured very well and I could learn from you. Keep it up! 馃挴

  2. Man…great bass brother!!!
    I'm the guy from freedom park…I'm going to share ALL my secrets with you! Customizing spinner baits and crank baits…color schemes and much, much more!

  3. Congrats on the toad! I'm a firm believer in Kistler Rods and Bucca's Bull Shad swimbaits! I Throw my Bull Shads on the 7'10" Helium Heavy and my bigger BS swimbaits on the new 7'10" KLX for 3-9 oz baits! Check out my channel for some river Smallmouth Bull Shad action! Good Fishin' my friend!

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