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95% of Fisherman PASS UP the Most Consistent Spot to Catch GIANT Bass

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  1. Man I am not a bass man but I want to be so bad I grew up trout fishing I’m so confused with the bassing have not caught anything on artificial yet but I have on live bait I have a Great Lake in north Georgia I keep watching you videos sorry to say I can’t afford a boat do yo ever put out any bank fishing tips thank your awsome

  2. I think I know what dam you’re fishing, and if I’m right, that’s one of my jams man. I spent a lot of time in the fall just trolling back and forth cranking the rocks.

  3. I don’t denie that lure fishing has its challenges but being a flie angler for 6 years and learning how to tie lure fishing is onestly over rated

  4. Nice catches Ben. Jimmy Newnan Ga. Today I ordered 2 of your rods from 6 sensethe 7-11 hlextra heavy bait cast rod and the 7-4 heavy Ali. Can’t wait to use them Ben.

  5. Dude I caught a 5+ today on Shimano's ArmaJoint 190SF Flashboost because I watched this video last night. Thanks! Enjoyed watching you slay near my home in Alabama at Eufaula, good luck the rest of the 8 tourneys. You'll be in the Classic and on the Elite tour next year.

  6. Love seeing you catch fish. Keep up the hard work and 🔥 vids. Your catching fish because of the Caymas, the provoke, your skill and most importantly Jesus. God bless.

  7. Dude you were spun up in this video and I absolutely LOVED IT! 😂 Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see the video that comes out tomorrow!! YOU BETTTT

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