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68 Reasons To Throw A Big Swimbait | Bank Fishing For Bass |

Fishing from the bank for the Gmoneystrong Outdoors Spring Bass Open with big Swimbaits. Huddleston 68 Swimbait gets destroyed by a big bass.

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Rod- 13Fishing Muse Black 8′ Heavy
Reel- Quantum Monster 7.1.1
Swimbait- Huddleston 68 in perch
Line- 20lb Trilene Mono


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  1. What’s up man! I loved your video I just want to let you know that I just subscribed to you and put your notification bell on! That would be awesome if you did the same back! great video

  2. Hey Matt that Hudd is a sick looking bait for sure. Big bait big fish I always say nice 5.3…well it doesn't always work but I throw em every now and then ! New friend here happy to connect with ya and look forward to your fishing adventures. Hope you can visit us at Bass Camo thanks !

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