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5 MUST HAVE Baits for JULY Bass Fishing

These are 5 MUST HAVE baits if you want to catch fish anywhere in the country in JULY!

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  1. Man I’d love to get a deck system but they only go back to 94’ and my trucks a 91’ not sure if the 94 bed would match up with mine

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the video.
    What I would like to know what length of weight leader do you use in different cover and/structure. For instance grass, do you set your weight a little farther down to try and keep the bait above the weeds?

  3. I would love for you to talk about how to use other lures the way you was describing how to fish that hair jig. To me that is way more helpful than just saying what to use this month. Keep up the awesome work, by far my favorite YouTube channel!!! Good luck on the next tournament.

  4. You are the bomb man!! Your videos are great I learn a lot from watching your videos and I got to get back on the water and get me some of them rods and baits you got !!!!

  5. I like to keep it simple and have had a lot of success in June and even into July. Texas Rig, Crankbait's and PoP-R.. I guess if I were tournament fishing I would need to expand my arsenal, but since I'm just your average joe fisherman. I'll keep it simple. Thanks for sharing though. I do appreciate it anyways.

  6. With the hair jig is that what you would recommend for tidal fisheries like the California Delta in current 5/8 12lb ? Never used that technique thanks

  7. Awesome videos I’ve been watching them for a couple years now and I was wondering which type of reel do you like Better spinning or bait casting I always see you use both types in your tournament videos?

  8. Bam! My like hit you 1k. Quick question. On vacation at the beach and saw bass jumping out of the water to eat dragonflies. Have you ever used a dragonfly lure? If so what do you recommend? Be safe my friend and good fishing!

  9. Scott, so im fishing ponds, and i was wondering when i transfer to lakes switching up lines to 8 pounds or 10, would that be better to get my bait down? and also could you let me know is fishing with 12 to 15 pound flouro for bass not ideal or just as good using the 8 pound test or 10. Baitcaster and Spinning. Taught me a lot i just dive deep to see whats the ideal choice but im fishing ponds so it doesnt matter as much but just let me know always willing to learn from the best bro! Love Scott M

  10. Hey Scott I’ve got a rig for you if you’ll try it at the st Lawrence might help get you a good check get yourself some case magic sticks look em up on line great baits (SENKOS) octopus hook then your rubber ring in the middle take two carpet screws that you would use for metal over carpet edge insert one in each end and that’s it you won’t need a weight because the screws add the weight cut the heads off the screws you can put the weights all the way in the bait ! Good luck I’ll be cheering for the house

  11. Thanks for all the videos! I am retiring from the Air Force and moving to Kissimmee next week. Picking up fishing again and love learning from all your videos. I think I have watched all of your unfinished family business videos and now I am starting your older series. Thank you!

  12. Hey Scott do you think panoptics back in your career would have made you more successful? or do you you think nowadays during tournament session you’ve been graph watching too much I’m just wondering not trying to hate because your the best in the world no matter what anyone says

  13. Hey Scottie, start protecting your hide from the sun, they still don’t have a cure malignant melanoma. You might want to be around long enough to meet your grandkids.

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