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5 Essential Tips For Bass Lure Fishing

These are the 5 essential tips for bass lure fishing, they are some of the easiest tips you will hear for bass lure fishing but if you follow these 5 tips to the T, I can almost guarantee your bass lure fishing will improve 10 fold over this coming season!
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  1. Wayne can I give tip no 6 ! The tide does not have to be coming in like when your static bait fishing ! Low water is underrated for lure fishing .. those bass are in those channels by those features ..

  2. Thanks again. Great vid. Loads of info and I think everyone will agree – get out there and try it for yourself ! Take note of the info and give it a go ! Best of luck everyone. Tight lines. Keep the vids coming Dude – always an interesting watch. Cheers.

  3. What do you think of them westin Sandeel lures ? They look like the real thing. Would be good for you to do a video review on them to see if they work 👍🏻

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