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4 Top Prespawn River Bass Lures | Seth Feider’s Hit List

Are you a fan of fishing prespawn bass in rivers? If so, Seth Feider shares a bunch of location and lure selection tips that are sure to help you out this spring. To start, Feider emphasizes the need to find the warmest water — this usually requires heading to the backs of shallow pockets. As he states, “if you ain’t kicking mud with your trolling motor, you ain’t shallow enough.

• Bassman Spinnerbaits Compact Series Tandem Blades Spinnerbaits, 3/8-ounce:
• Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon, 14- or 17-pound:

• OutKast Tackle Pro Swim Jig, 1/4-ounce:
• BioSpawn ExoPod TwinTail Grub:
• Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon, 14- or 17-pound:

• VMC Heavy Duty Weighted Willow Swimbait Hook:
• BioSpawn ExoSwim Swimbait:
• Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon, 17-pound:

• VMC Ringed Heavy Duty Wide Gap Hook, 4/0:
• WOO! Tungsten Flipping Weights, 1/8, 3/16 or 1/4-ounce:
• Tube Baits:
• VMC Sinker Stops:
• Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon, 14- or 17-pound:

Extreme shallows aren’t the ideal place for flipping and pitching around, so Feider uses a combination of moving baits that provide a blend of lift and slow retrieve speeds. Keep in mind that this calendar period is usually too early for topwaters, and the bass aren’t eager to chase baits yet. Slow and off the bottom is the ticket, and these are the baits to get it done.

1. Spinnerbait. A light 3/8-ounce spinnerbait with decent-sized blades provides the ideal blend of lift while supporting a slow retrieve speed. Feider targets cover such as pad stems, grass clumps, laydowns, and isolated wood.
2. Swim jig. An iconic river bait, a 1/4-ounce swim jig with a twin tail trailer offers lift and profile while supporting a semi-slow retrieve. It’s also a quiet, stealthy presentation for spooky shallow-water bass.
3. Swimbait rigged on a bladed swimbait hook. This option shines when the bass are more tentative and realism gets the nod. A realistic paddle tail swimbait rigged on a bladed swimbait hook provides realism and flash in a more subtle package than say a spinnerbait or bladed jig.
4. Texas rig. A light Texas rig rigged with a tube or similar bulky plastic reduces drop speed for pitching into those prime areas. It’s also a great “cast back” bait if you miss a fish on a moving bait.

Again, pay close attention to your fish finder’s temperature gauge but also the wind. Assuming air temps are warmer than water temperatures, a light- to moderate wind blowing into protected pockets can pile up the warmest water. Find these areas and you’ll often land on a load of willing bass.




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  1. This video was so helpful! Awesome job. Tied on all 4 of these baits today on the Ohio River. Managed to catch a 4.4 and a couple other 2or3 pounders. Caught fish on 3 of the 4 tactics. (Texas Rig didn't get fished much) thank you again. Its so hard to find any decent information or content on river bass fishing.

  2. Awesome video! Iv been researching river pre-spawn, video after video, site after site and this video right here provided so much more useful information/tips/suggestions than any article/video iv watched!

    Just curious, what was the water temperature roughly?
    Thanks for this video man, super helpful! You gained a sub out of me for sure!

  3. Feider with the master class! Thank you sir!
    Creeks and rivers are going to be my focus this year!
    For sure sprinkle lakes in. But generally bank and kayak fishing!
    Thanks again Feider and Wired!

  4. Never have understood why so many pros cast and reel right handed – cast right handed and reel left handed like Seth here and you don't have to switch the rod from hand to hand

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