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3rd Family Bass Fishing Tournament. (Cedar Island Lake, MN)

3rd of 5 Family Bass Fishing Tournament at Cedar Island Lake, MN.

Tournament 3 Cedar Island Lake results:
1st place: Team Young Gunz with 13.75 = 5 points
2nd place: Team Triple T with 12.75 = 4 points
3rd place: Team BTS (my team) with 12.65 plus big bass = 3.5 points
4th place: Team Over The Hill with 6.9 = 2 points
5th place: Team East Side Boyz with 1.8 = 1 points

Overall standings as of 7/23/23:
1. Team Triple T and Team Young Gunz = 12.5 (tied for 1st place)
2. Team East Side Boyz = 9
3. Team BTS = 6.5
4. Team Over The Hill = 6

Captured on the GoPro Hero 8

Edited on iMovies

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