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3D Printed Swimbait Fishing Lure – Will It Work?

In today’s video I 3d printed fishing swimbaits to try and catch a fish. I began this journey by designing my own fishing lures with minimal success. After browsing Thingiverse I stumbled across a swimbait that seemed very promising. After 3d printing the swimbaits on the Crelaity Ender 3, painting and adding hooks it was ready to be tested for real. The results was awesome! I managed to catch 1 perch and 1 pike, though I missed quite a few one’s.

If you are looking for a 3d printer I would recommend this one:

Dual extruder 3d printer:

Swimbait fishing lure STL file:

More information will be placed here in a few hours.


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  1. Why aren't LURE COMPANIES making similar lures that can be made? AIRFIX Lures!!! The buyer can choose what sort of lure, size, weights, glide baits, paint templates…. Etc etc. Then make their own lure like they used to make AIRFIX Tanks, Plane's, Cars when they were younger or still making them!

  2. Dude, you’re a master of b-footage. Beautiful videos and it’s clear you understand the true nature of fishing. Positive attitude, relaxation and admiration of a clean catch. Well done all around!

  3. man! I never thought about 3D printing fishing tackle! that is AWESOME! pike are hard to get a good hook set on either way. i have watched a lot of your RC car videos somehow i never saw this one until today. very cool!

  4. The scenery reminds me so much of where I grew up, in western Washington state in the US. My grandpa Einer was from Norway and I can see why he liked it here so much. Nice Helly Hanson life jacket too! Thanks for the video.

  5. If your making a part two, I think it would be helpful to make the lures more shiny and reflective, maybe some metallic paint would work, you have to catch the attention of the fish 👍

  6. you should get some PVC pipe and make some rod holders at an angle or even just flat.I used to do the same thing onm my kayak(holding them with my feet) and the i put some pvc pipe on them and it helped out a lot.You dont have to worry about your rods falling in.

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