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3 Wacky Rig MISTAKES That Are COSTING You Fish!

3 Wacky rig mistakes that are costing you fish! The wacky rig is a super easy technique to catch bass as you just hook a stick worm in the middle and cast it around but I have experimented over the years and learned it is more specific than that. These wacky rig tips will help you to catch and land more fish with this technique! The wacky rig senko is a super effective way to catch bass during the spawn but I used to lose many fish and didn’t know why. I started using these wacky rig fishing tips and started catching more fish in no time.

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  1. Great tips! I've been using the #2 Octopus with good results, but I've lost a few on it. I use straight 10# blue ice fluorocarbon and have no trouble seeing it. I'm definitely going to try the Neko hooks and hopefully get a better hookup ratio, especially on those light bites. Another thing I do is use clear shrink wrap instead of O rings. I put a small piece around the midsection of the worm and run my hook through the shrink wrap. I rig a bunch up before I go out, but as a rule, one worm will last me several days because there's no O rings to cut into the worm. Works great and saves me $$ in worms. I'm partial to the Yamamoto Green Pumpkin and the black and blue through spring/summer. Red flake and watermelon work great in the fall.

  2. Good video, thanks!! Did you ever push a finishing nail thru the front of your worm to add weight? There is another guy on here that has a video explaining this. Seems to add some weight to help a worm sink better. This of course would be more for lighter worms.

  3. I use the small hair rubberbands (cosmetic zone of whatever store, black uncoated basic rubber) instead of O-rings, they are random sizes but usually doubled or tripled over they fit a Senko diameter without hugging too hard or too loose. I've used one worm for like two days sometimes, rarely lose them (Yamamoto's usually, which I always hacked several in half per day with other hook-connection strategies, or lost them on cast). The two or three loop "harness" seems to fatigue the bait less than single rings, and I think it also translates some yanking shock into constriction more evenly around the body instead of just hammering in one spot on the leeward side. And each band loop has a slightly different tension so they apply force more gradually than a hard rubber O-ring. They may also be less weight but I've never checked. I like to keep the weight to a minimum so the drop rate is as slow as possible while still wiggling.

    I also use Mutu style short shank hooks, they are similar to the Octopus hooks (which I have used, and agree are bad), but the key feature is the tip angle with an inward curved tip so when it's hookset time that locates the jawbone, slides into a corner and lightly pricks a pilot hole and the rest of the hook body is forced around at hookset, the shape of a #2 size and the angle of the eyelet vs the tip still accomplishes what your long shank ones do, and I have a low loss rate even with the barbs bent, like a hog-ring sort of, hard to spit, easy to loop back out with the correct spin. I also get these in red, so that it appears more like maybe something bleeding or tasty for extra picky bass that know hardware is evil. I'd be afraid of a long shank being too much visible rigging but I do like the weedless aspect and the anti-spit.

  4. I use dropshot hooks for my wacky worms, literally never lost a fish or a worm on them, and i stabbed it right through the middle and i never lost a worm ever, it's awesome.

  5. "You don't even need a baitcaster…"….you don't NEED a baitcaster for any technique. Gotta love these baitcaster snobs who think anyone using a spinning reel is a "beginner".

  6. I’ve caught more bass on yum dingers rigged this way than any other bait .. not sure why you don’t think they aren’t good

  7. Some stickworms actually works better on a weighted hook. They're usually a little stiffer but have more spring to them. They also hold up better. The more a Senko gets used, the more torn it gets and the more air pockets it develops.

    Also, using wider support collars does increase the resistance against the flow of water, translating to more movement. I recommend using clear shrink tubing in 1/4" ID. Just stretch the worm, to make it thinner, as you thread it through. You can also cut it at different lengths to max out the worms reflexive elasticity. I often cut mine in a "V" shape where the wider end is on top and the narrow end is on the bottom where the hook is. It also preserves the structural integrity that makes the entire body undulate naturally, rather than pinching or cutting into it when setting the hook.

  8. Let me toja, U need to be getting paid by one of these big companies for your presentation. U are casting the info out there & u can have a audience silence listen to every word you say you are the man

  9. Just watched this again, since I do so much wacky. LOVE the explanation of different baits. I have Big Bite & Yum Dingers. I wondered about those for wacky, since I could see it was sinking slowly. I did NOT know about the Bass Pro Stiko! Good value.

    I'm 1 week from the New England Fishing Expo. I'll look for colors and density at the soft bait booths, PLUS pick up some VNC Neko Hooks (I do use that Octopus hook).

    Great value! Love how you immediately start with educational value (not brewing coffee or mentioning your hair — both which I've heard in videos!).

  10. Wacky is another one of my "go to" techniques. Thanks to your EXCELLENT advice, I'm sure it will be even MORE effective for me!
    Do you ever use O-Rings for wacky?
    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  11. Hey Nathan good stuff I’ve been playing a lot with the Neko rig along with a wacky rig and my hook up ratio hasn’t been the best. I use the small octopus hooks that have the wire we guard and it just seems I lose half the fish I set the hook on. Headed out this weekend and I’m definitely gonna change my hooks And use your advice. Will let you know how the day goes

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