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3 Step Process To Find Bass on ANY LAKE In Under 2 Hours

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  1. Very good info. I fish the unknown too often I been fishing dead water and picking it apart too long. I'm limited to paddling a kayak for now. Eventually will have a boat and fish finder to be able to make out structure and depths around my lake. For now I'll use a map and try new spots and limit my casts into dead water. Thank you

  2. Our az fish are only shallow part of the year. I only catch at 15-35’ depth besides spawn time. So hard to offshore dropshot in 30mph wind at 30’ depth watching livescope. Lol. Never not windy in this desert unless it’s 120out the only time you’d want a breeze. Good vids I always watch and enjoy the organized process you always use.

  3. One good tip for identifying fish and brush piles is this; don't run your 2D and DI depth settings on "auto". You can use that setting at times when you're just idling around but once you know the depth you're targeting and you find the brush or rock or whatever piece of cover you're looking for, manually adjust your depth settings to the exact depth you're in or just a few feet deeper and then you'll see a more enhanced image of what you're looking at.
    I've finally figured out that in order to get the best picture out of your graphs, you should basically be adjusting your settings all the time depending on the depth, water clarity ect.
    Otherwise, you're just not gonna get the most out of your graphs and you're gonna miss stuff and struggle to see the cover, bait and bass you're trying to look at.

  4. Hard to find bass. When am broke can't afford a good graph I have a hook reveal 7 and it sucks for the money it's garbage compaired to humming bird makes it hard to understand what is what when ur graph is garbage that's the whole thing get a good graph and u can find fish that's all

  5. It is amazing once you find that school you can catch them on every cast! I spent nearly 6 hours graphing before finding the school then catching one a minute for 30minutes dropshotting!

  6. Fantastic presentation and extremely useful information as usual Jonny. What is your recommendation if you only have 2 to 3 hours to fish? How does one maximize that time and make those as productive as possible? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Great video,. As you pointed out, discipline to give the system a real chance is the big first hurdle. Becoming a real fan of your work. Have recommended your channels to a bunch of folks.

  8. Does the rock notion apply to northern lakes? A lot of the natural lakes (ponds, rather) where I live in MN don’t really have rock piles in any depth. Our lakes are dominated by weeds.

  9. More of these videos need to be made for us old school fishermen that prefer to fish rather than play with the glorified video game consoles that fishfinders have become. I would rather cast and fish all day than stare at a screen all day long! There's nothing wrong with old school electronics like flashers.

  10. I've found that if you're on an unfamiliar lake fishing for bass, look for 3 things (fish finder not even necessary) – shade/cover, current, and structure – structure can be shoals or any place with abrupt changes in depth. Often times I'll leave my Garmin fish finder off and start with the criteria that are easier to identify visually, and flip the fish finder on during those days when the bite is tougher. There are a lot of C-MAP apps out there for mobile devices that can be downloaded free of charge, which are key to finding structure, as these apps have depth charts for almost any lake across the US.

  11. Awesome video ! You are definitely the best of the best. I saw you’re going to make a video about short trips , I can’t wait as most of my fishing trips are around 3 hours

  12. I'm the impatient type fisherman when I get on the water since I only take the boat out about once or twice a month. After seeing this video, I'll rather burn an hour or so finding the bass instead of casting and praying.

  13. I love how you mix up topics between the channels. Great ideas and great content. Your really onto something here Johnny and I'm not talking just bass. If "us" the angler really is a hard core bass head were gonna get out knowledge from multiple sources like you said in previous videos.

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