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3 Fish Over 9lbs in a Row, INSANE Swimbait Bass

Fishing for bass with huge swimbaits is crazy fun in any day but when you catch a GIANT 10lbs 12oz fish it’s an epic day.


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  1. Mikey quit the game. You beat all levels of bass fishing!!! You caught more 8 pounders than any of those cal delta and Texas guys can dream of. By far my favorite tuber! The realest. The goat! Keep doing your thang and most of all keep being real. We love you write back to your subscribers. !!!!

  2. Mikey you a g, there is no doubt about it. There is nobody I know on YouTube who can consistently catch GIANTS period. You are the most efficient badass of an i know. You keep doin you and nobody can beat you or stop you!!

  3. Your buddy acts just like my baby girl Ruca. Loves to lick the fish and she looooves fishing. I take her catfishing on the river bank at night and I dont even have to watch the rod tips. She does it for me and she gets so hyped when a rod moves. Your dog seems chill as hell and I love the vids dude keep it up!

  4. I’ve been fishing the Megabass Magdraft the last two months with great success, but I’m definitely going to have to purchase one of these Bull Shad Swimbaits after watching this video.

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