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3 Baits You NEED When Bass Fishing The HARRIS CHAIN In Florida!!

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Lipless Crankbait Gear:

Redeye Shad:
Aruku Shad:
Seaguar Red Label:
Fitzgerald VLD10 Reel (7.2:1):
Fitzgerald 7’3” MH Vursa:

Chatterbait Gear:

Zman Jackhammer:
Seaguar Red Label:
Fitzgerald VLD10 Reel (7.2:1):
Fitzgerald 7’3” MH Vursa:

Worm Gear:

Zman Finesse WormZ:

7’6” Hvy All Purpose Series:
Fitzgerald VLD10 Reel (7.2:1):
Hayabusa WRM959:
Fitzgerald Tungsten Weights:
Seaguar Smackdown:

Texas Rig/C-Rig:
7’3” MH All Purpose Series:
Fitzgerald VLD10 Reel (7.2:1):
Hayabusa WRM959:
Fitzgerald Worm Weight:
Seaguar AbrazX:

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  1. Thanks for ALL of the tips and lures for Harris, been fishing it for many years, have caught some large bass, just under 10lbs. now that I have my own boat, some days I leave there scratching my Head lol. I have used purple worms 7", and chatter baits in blue gill colors, still trying to get used to pitch' in in the Kissimmee grass here. I try to get there once a week, and study, (fish). Thanks again for sharing.

  2. I’m enjoying your content! We head down to Harris Chain for a month of kayak fishing. I definitely will try these techniques. Last year at Harris I caught zero fish on lipless. I need to use it more and gain confidence. Thanks!

  3. I have a question if know wants to teach u how to fish then wat do u do .. I get in the boat and don't know .. will u teach someone how to fish in different scenarios

  4. Thank you, for this video, The info is great. I just started fishing Little Harris and other than bank grass can’t seem to find any hydrilla, any advice? I have a small boat and don’t really go beyond the bridge, anything would help. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for another perfect video! The Harris Chain is our home lake but we've only had a boat for a little over two years, still getting used to understanding the annual cycle of fish. Appreciate you taking the time to make these lake specific videos (grass lakes).

  6. Appreciate all the info. Just subscribed. I’m going to be in the Inverness area for a week at the end of February. Thinking of trying Lake Pan but are there any other lakes in that area you would recommend?

  7. I'm so used to fishing lakes that are covered through the middle in thick vegetation, I don't think I'd know what to do if I ever fish a lake with a hard bottom, lol!

  8. @SonarFishing wish you could do a must try baits video for the Rainbow River in Dunnellon Florida it's a spring fed crystal clear river and the Withlacoochee River in Dunnellon Florida

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