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23 POUND LARGEMOUTH BASS…Will The World Record Ever Be Broken?

Randy discusseswhat he feels the possibilities are for the largemouth bass world record of ever being broken again…#worldrecordbass #bigbass #bassfishing #fishing #largemouthbass


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  1. Sardis Lake in Oklahoma was what used to be Sardis, OK. This was a poor Cboctaw Nation Town and is completely under water. There are lots of trees in this lake and it was stocked with Florida hybrid largemouths. My best bet is the record is there❤

  2. 🤔 hmm. It’s coming out that there’s aliens and ufos. But you don’t think a 24 pound bass will get caught?? It will get caught my friend. When and where I have no idea.

  3. I caught a 15 pound large mouth out of an old farm pond in swga back in 07 and I couldn't imagine one over 20 pounds. I released that bass too and the damn pond dried up the next yr.. the man that owned the pond said he had seen fish that big come out of it and 2 other ponds he owned over the past 20 yrs. Said somebody would catch one that big atleast once a yr.. said those ponds were 80 to a 100 yrs old. These pond were just half to an acre big to..

  4. IGFA regulations state that gamefish records for species under 50 pounds must be beaten by a minimum of 2 ounces in order for a catch to qualify as the new record. George Perry did indeed catch a largemouth bass that weighed 22 pounds 4 ounces at the time of its weighing on a certified scale at the post office in Helena, GA. From the time the fish was caught to weighing it, several hours had passed as George Perry and Jack Page lugged the fish around town showing off the fish. There were no live wells in those days, so the fish had been dead for a considerable amount of time before weighing it. There is no telling how much the fish would have weighed had they weighed it immediately after catching it. There will always be people who cast doubt on the authenticity of this historic fish, but there were many eye witness testimonies and even a photo of Jack holding a freakishly huge largemouth next to a child.

  5. I totally agree that the record bass is only going to exist in a handful of bodies of water on earth. I’d imagine Japan, Mexico, and parts of southern Africa like Zimbabwe and Tanzania, South Africa will hold record fish. America has too much insane fishing pressure to kick out a 23 pounder even if that fish is out there

  6. I'm trying to message you about this awesome place I would love to see you more than me to catch a world record out of if your interested it Beaverdam Reservoir and I got a place all to ourselves I have the boat just need to get a plug but if you want to come out sometime let me know something it's only 3 rods per person regulated let me know something I free tomorrow

  7. From what I have read from doing my research IGFA wants a bass at least 25lbs 1oz the same size as Dottie the Largemouth Bass that didn't make it because it was hooked outside of the mouth they really don't want it broken because of the history of how George W. Perry caught the world record and how long it took him but they did say they might as long as it's at least 25lbs 1oz or bigger I think I'm on some 26 pounders as we speak I hope I catch one of the 6 of them Largemouth Bass

  8. I think the record will be broken some day. Whether sooner or later who knows? Maybe none of us will be around to see it happen, but I think the record will be broken.

  9. It takes freak genetics just like with humans one in every 10,000 might be a 7-footer on 8 footer I think it's the same way with bass and then it's got to have a good clean environment and plenty of food there's just a lot of factors for it to get that big then someone's got to catchem but as long as we don't palute our water you never know

  10. Look in California. Have caught several in the teens. One over16, and seen bigger if you can believe it, which blew my mind. I hope it's a little kid if it happens. Maybe your boy!

  11. Hooking a 20lb is one thing getting it in is another! I caught a 9.2lb at chickamaga this past spring and that fish pulled so hard I can’t imagine what a 20lb fish would do?

  12. I don’t think there is a world record in domestic public waters. But, i feel a landowner with a cultivated farm lake, that is managed by fisheries experts can grow the next world record. But, that brings up a point, is a private farm raised world record legal? I say no. Ive been told by professional pond managers there are private lakes in Central Alabama with mid teens LM in them now. But the lakes are private property.

  13. So,… living around.lake fork for the past 25 years I've heard every story of every 25 lb bass in every creek on that lake. I have been blessed to catch a 14.7 out of fork and see about 7 bass I couldn't tell you how big they are.
    But fish pressure is the main battle I face. And some weeks it's like ice skating up hill.

  14. My home lake is the lake where those 20 lbers came from in California. I can pretty much guarantee there won't be another 20 lber caught from that lake ever since the stripers moved in (last 20 lber was in '91. Before then, a 20 lber (or pretty close) was caught pretty much every year after the planted bass matured). My pb from that lake is a 9 lber which I caught about 10 years ago, and I've fished that lake for 20 years. A couple of my buds also have 9's or 8's. I've heard a few 10's have been pulled, but that's it.

    Personally, I do think it'll be broken somewhere in the world. There are more fishermen now than ever before, which means higher mortality for the bass, so that 8 lber caught and released may die and never get the chance to get bigger. But more fishermen means more lines in the water, and the population of bass is huge. At least, I would love to see it broken someday.

  15. I think that pollution, fishing pressure and all the other variables related are making bass harder to reach their maximum growth and there are not so many as in the past…. but, that said, I think that with the help of all the technology now available and the other coming in the near future it will be possible to find new areas and deep structures where the next world record will be caught, maybe in CA, FL or Mexico or Japan again…

  16. Absolutely no doubt there are peacock bass in the amazon jungle over 30 lbs easily. I was born and raised in South America and a lot of rivers in the Amazon jungle have never even been fished before.
    Deep in the jungle there are areas still pristine like they were 500+ years ago when Columbus first stumbled upon us.
    Just wrap your head around that, there could be literally monsters swimming down there and no one will ever get to catch one.

  17. As the human population expands outwards, more reservoirs will be built, and more bass will grow. It might happen in Mexico, or rural Texas or maybe even a newly built reservoir in California if our State can get trout stocks back to normal numbers. I think it can be broken, probably in the distant future, on a newly built reservoir when the bass are at the peak of their cycle. Swimbaits changed the game as far as tricking the biggest bass in the most pressured lakes, what will happen when a new lure comes out that they have never seen before? How many giant bass have been taken on glide baits the last 10 years? What happens on a freshly built, trout fed lake and anglers have a new type of lure to throw….. never say never man, i doubt I'll ever catch but I like to believe that somewhere, someone will

  18. Southern California is the only realistic spot anymore IF they keep the trout plants going often. Even then you have to have the perfect conditions for a while to produce a bass that big. Live bait (where allowed) or bed fishing are probably the 2 best bets. My biggest bass for a long time was 11 pounds until I really got into bed fishing, picked the right water and ended up catching my PB of 16 pounds (central Florida). I couldn’t imagine trying to catch a 22 pounder on a bed!!!!! The George Perry bass I believe was just a genetic freak of a bass like Dottie from Lake Dixon.

  19. I think the potential is there to break the record. I say this after fishing the Colorado River in Yuma AZ pretty heavy for a few years, thinking I knew the place and the potential, then having the opportunity to go electro-fishing with AZFG one night to do surveys. I was absolutely astounded at what was hiding in some of my favorite spots. Now I'm not saying the record will come from that river, but actually to add to your point about fish learning, they are out there, they are smarter. I think eventually it'll happen. And another thing. Not all fish get reported for whatever reason. I may have heard of and seen photos of a state record not reported because that person was fishing without a license. Memory gets foggy the older I get. I absolutely do not condone that, but it does happen. Great vid, great topic of discussion.

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