2023 Bassmaster Classic – Knoxville, TN – Toyota Mid Day Report – Day 3

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  1. They should discountinue livescope in tourneys it’s ridiculous you’re sitting there staring on a screen on the water at some point it becomes gaming and cheating and not fishing

  2. If Gus wins that will just prove that live scope can make all the difference. A guy who isn't even a local and doesn't fish this lake often knows the lake more than guys who have fished this lake dozens of times. An he's only won one bassmaster elite tourney in 2019 he's def a good angler but. I wonder what he would have placed without that livescope.

  3. bass fishing has become totally lame! Almost as bad as the PGA! Nobody wants to watch dudes fish watching a screen. Its like watching a bunch of kids playing video games on the water. How about no pre fish no practice no electronics. All you get is a paper topo map. Your supposed to be the best in the world, show us how good you are! Its so hard watching the world change for the worse!

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